Dead n's

by anergrams

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We recorded this by ourselves in the basement of the Weil House in Milwaukee Wisconsin, over the course of the month after it's last show ever, during the fall of 2011.


released October 24, 2011

Nate-guitar and vocals
Justin-percussion and vocals



all rights reserved


anergrams Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Ex member band dudes in ex member band moods

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Track Name: wait, is it moving?
never knowing what to say
so I said Good-bye
Track Name: weak en's
I wonder what your doing dad in phoenix, arizona.
probably saying things that you'll regret once all your days are over. or are you doing the same things that you've always done? Just making choices giving nothing and then deciding to run.

I wonder what you think of as you lay awake in bed.
Filled with your regret while forgetting all the things you said. the years of all this silence have never seem to fade. As tears role down our fucking faces you'll be the one to blame.

I wonder what the fuck you think of every single time you've reflected on the memories you've left out of the sight.The time we used to share but now all those are dead and gone. for all I know you could be too like the hope held for so long.

As I stared outside the window in the room inside my house. I waited for your car like that of a mouse only searching for survival and you were my cheese. I couldn't live without you but that you couldn't see.

And where were you father as I sat inside my room? with nothing else to loose. Most likely with a women just lying in your bed. She whispers in your ear but you can't hear the words she says. You only think of me and what you can remember of my voice. But you can't recall the mother fucking noise. The only thing you picture is the mile after mile as you drove to your new destination wallowing in denile.

And finally I wonder what you think of every night. How you neglected your own son to live a different life. How you never seemed call and you probably never will.

How you never seemed to give a fuck and you probably never will.
Track Name: so I bought this homeless guy a sub...
what could I say?
what could I do?
never knowing
how to get through to you

Give up now
No hopes left

It's for you too
but fucking fuck off
Track Name: soba kids
1,2,3, fuck

All the things you said they stayed in my head,